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Fellowships & Internships
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  • Applications for Summer 2015 Fellowships are due Friday, October 23rd, at noon.
  • Applications for semester-time Fellowships and Internships can be submitted at any time.
  • Looking for a project idea? Community partners often suggest projects or challenges to us that could be developed into Fellowships or Internships. Check-out the current ideas on the PSC Opportunities page.

The Fellowships and Internships programs both support MIT students working on capacity-building service projects around the world. Fellows and Interns work with community-focused organizations such as non-profits, government offices, international aid agencies, schools, grassroots groups, student-initiated service enterprises and even for-profit businesses if the business is using a social-entrepreneurship model to address the needs of an under-served community. Students in these programs receive a stipend for their work, which typically goes towards living and travel expenses.

So, what is the difference between a Fellowship and an Internship?

Public Service Fellowships

Public Service Fellows play a leading role in developing and implementing their service projects. Fellows must identify a community partner who will support their work, but the Fellows typically collaborate with or consult for their partners rather than working under their close supervision. MIT students who are developing their own non-profits or social enterprises may apply for Fellowships to support them in this process.

Paul and Priscilla Gray Internships

Paul and Priscilla Gray Interns work within community organizations and typically receive considerable direction from their supervisors. These Internships are intended to help MIT students to explore public service career possibilities while building capacity for their host organization. Organizations sometimes take on interns to assist them with their general operations. In these circumstances, we expect students to also explore and develop personal projects that add value to the organization and/or the community they are serving. In other cases, organizations ask interns to help them develop their operations, expand their services, or assess their effectiveness. Projects of this type are a great fit for the Paul and Priscilla Gray Internships program!


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