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Contest provincial science and technology for high school students academic year 2015-2016: The project, topics of practical
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Taking place from 24 to 26-12 in high school Cam Pha (Cam Pha City), contest the provincial Science and Technology for high school students, the academic year 2015-2016 has ended successfully. According to the Department of Education, this year's competition was held safety seriously, ensuring accurate, scientific, objective and fair. Notably, most of the projects, schemes contestants are good ideas, solve many issues raised in the study and daily life in the localities of the province.
One of the units achieved the most success in the competition this year is probably the Cam Pha High School - the school has a lot of experience, track record in scientific research, engineering student . Accordingly, the 5 projects that the school contest winners this year are high. Specifically, the first prize for the project "Design by trapping cockroach pheromones of cockroaches" of student Nguyen Hoang Phuong group (class 12A1) and Tran Tien Dat (layer 12b1); The second prize includes 2 projects: "Research and monitoring system designed to manage school students in extracurricular" and "research, design patterns generator and opens the floodgates smart"; 2 third prize includes the following projects: "Evaluation of the protection capacity of some kind of vegetation in Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh Province in the context of climate change" and "Research and innovation-friendly exhaust environment".
On the other hand, projects that high school exam this year Cam Pha is also considered to be quite rich, diverse fields, including Earth science and the environment; mechanical engineer; animal science; Embedded System. Nguyen Hoang Phuong, 12A1 grade students, with the most winning projects share: I'm so glad my project be appreciated as such. This is a great motivation to help me try harder the next time when doing scientific research.
Le Huy Tan teacher, high school teacher Cam Pha, Do Trung Hieu guided me (class 12A1) and Vu Hong Khoi children (grades 12E1) project has won the second prize, said: We are really just acting direction lead, all ideas, the design of the project is due to their innovative, thought out. They fully active joining this competition.
Through research, we learned that, along with high school Cam Pha, Uong Bi secondary, upper secondary and Prevention Dam Ha Quang Yen Town Education is 4 units in the province with the most winning projects in this year's competition. Besides, 11 projects won the second prize, third 17 winning projects and 28 winning projects encouraged. In addition, the province has 9 projects provinces and provincial Study Encouragement Association awards ideas delegation, accompanied by the prospect of reward. Since then, the Competition Organizing Committee has selected six best projects of 12 students (2 from secondary schools and 10 high school students block), representing high school students participated in the competition Quang Ninh Department national engineering school in 2016, will be held in Hai Phong in May 3-2016.
Entered the competition this year, the province has 31 high schools and 21 secondary schools, with a total of 69 projects in 16 sectors, including 19 individual projects (of 1 students) and 50 projects collectively ( of 2 students). Mr. Vu Contact Oanh, director of the Department of Education said: "Basically, the contest was held safety seriously, ensuring accurate, scientific, objective and fair. Compared to the previous school year, the number of units tested and the number of projects increased participation. The project has an investment, research meticulously, seriously. Notably, most of the projects have addressed many issues raised in the study and life in the local activities, can be put to use in practice. "
According to Mr. Vu Contact Oanh, this year's competition was held under the direction of the Ministry of Education, in accordance with the reality of the province, there are points marked progress compared to the previous edition held. Most of the fields are participating in the contest project, namely: social science and behavioral 7 projects; Embedded systems have 5 projects; environmental engineering project 6. There are many good unit movement promoting scientific research, maintaining traditional high results and stable for many years, such as Cam Pha High School; Halong Specialized high schools; Quang Yen Phong Education and Training. Some rooms also difficult Education teaching and learning conditions, but actively participated in sending the contest and won high in some areas, such as Binh Lieu and Hai Ha, Tien Yen.
However, it must be acknowledged that, despite very trying but still no project units participating in the contest (Department of Education Co); some units deploying scientific research organizations and grassroots competitions flawed and confused when the provincial contest; some projects are not high quality, innovative ideas and breakthroughs are not many, the content is not rich, poorly presented project; some duplication project ideas ...
Hopefully, the next year, the competition will gradually overcome the constraints to maximize the goals set out, thereby speeding up the implementation of teaching under the motto "learning by doing", create opportunities for high school students presented the results of scientific research, his technique.


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