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Quang Ninh, 2015

1. Electronic Government
E-government applications as the government information technology to enhance the effective and efficient operation of state agencies, enhancing the transparency of information, provide better public services for citizens and enterprise.
2. The benefits of e-government
- Increases the work efficiency of the government agencies, increasing transparency in the activities of government agencies;
 - People, businesses and government agencies to provide information, offer faster service, more convenient by providing information and services online. People and companies are increasingly less likely to go directly to government agencies;
 - The people became the center of the government agencies to provide information and services. Thanks to the tools of information and communications technology, government agencies quickly to get the opinions of people and help people to participate more easily in the process of government decision-making.
1. Concept
The administrative center of the receiving, processing and settlement of administrative procedures, provide public services for citizens and businesses in the province of Quang Ninh.
2. Scale
Currently, Quang Ninh province has the administrative center of the province and 14 in the district administrative center, town or city.
3. The administrative procedures are resolved at the administrative center
Currently, there are 1037 administrative procedures within the scope, jurisdiction to settle the 22 departments and agencies are resolved at the administrative center of the province; over 200 administrative procedures in many areas under the jurisdiction of the DPC settlement, town or city to be settled at the district administrative center, town or city (including vertical units closed in the province).
4. The process of receiving, processing and search of records at the Center for Public Administration 15
The process of receiving, processing records at the Center for Public Administration
- Step 1: The people / businesses to work in the administrative center of the table to guide for instructions on the steps to take.

Figure 1 - Concierge desk

- Step 2: Go Kiosk grab the serial number to get the number then the waiting area, waiting until your order number.

Figure 2 - Kiosk obtained serial number


- Step 3: When the order to be informed on the speakers, people / businesses to desks following the instructions for submission / receipt.

                                        Figure 3 - Counters reception records of people / businesses

- Step 4: After the officials checked records, receiving records 02 the following cases:

+ Case 1: Invalid Profile "Officers are responsible for guiding the people / businesses to complete a full profile.
+ Case 2: Valid documents "Receiving treatment prescribed. The people / businesses will receive a voucher receipt which has full information and appointment time results. The people / companies this coupon can be used to look up the status of their records handling at port citizens

Figure 4 - Receipt Form

Figure 5 - Look for application processing status at

                    Citizens port
                                 by entering the receipt number and security code
1. Definition: the administrative services and other services of state agencies provided to organizations and individuals in the network environment.
2. Public services online have the following levels:
Public services online + level 1: service is guaranteed to provide full information on the processes and procedures; file; deadline, leadtime; Charges and fees for services performed.
Public services online + level 2: public services online is level 1, and allows users to download the text and the declaration form to complete the documents as required. After finishing records are sent directly or by mail to the agency or organization that provides the service.
Public services online + level 3: the online public services and the level 2 allows users to fill and submit online writing samples to agencies, organizations and service providers. Transactions in process records and service providers is done in the network environment. The payment of the fee (if any) and the results are made directly at the agencies and organizations providing services.
Public services online + level 4: public services online is level 3, and allows users to pay fees (if any) to be made online. The result can be done online, in person or sent by mail to the user.
3. Public services online Quang Ninh province has deployed
Public services online + level 1, 2: 1328 consists of the procedures have been fully provided on the electronic portal of the province ( and in the "Administrative Procedure drain"
Public services online + levels 3, 4: Provide Electronic Portal provinces ( and in the "online public services" or citizen portal dichvucong.quangninh
3.1. How lookup, use public services at 1, 2 on the electronic Portal
- Step 1: Visit address electronic portal on the Internet Province ( or, select the "administrative procedures"


- Step 3: Based on the needs of people / businesses can search, search the necessary procedures. Currently, the administrative procedures in the electronic portal is divided into 03 provincial ministries: the Ministry of provincial administrative procedures, the district administrative procedures, the communal administrative procedures

Example: People are looking for guidance the marriage registration procedures of the communal administrative procedures, implemented as follows:
+ In the "LEVEL OF administrative procedures" (1) click on "Justice" (2) then choose the "marriage registration procedures" (3).






+ At the "MARRIAGE REGISTRATION PROCEDURES" click "dangkikethon.doc" to download the documentation about.

Click to download documents about

+ After downloading material on, people follow the step instructions and guidance in the instructions to download the file.
3.2. How lookup, use public services at 3, 4
Step 1: Visit the electronic portal of Quang Ninh ( or and select the "online public services"

Bước 2:Select the field want to register online. For example: Choose register newly established enterprises, select "Register Online business of the Department of Planning and Investment"

The result will be moved to the registration portal business (
Step 3: Select the "SUPPORT", click "Manual of public services through electronic networks"

Step 4: Select the "Guide registration process for the establishment of new businesses / units attached to electronically"

Step 5: Then read and follow the instructions

Province public communication (address, telephone number, e-mail, fax) of all organizations / individuals of all state agencies, business units under the province on electronic portal ( and to businesses / people contacts, suggestions and recommendations.

1. The administrative center of the province
Address: 1st Floor, Headquarters offices 2, Hong Ha Ward, Dist. Halong
Phone: 033.3634669
Hotline: 1900558826
Fax: 033.3634667
2. The administrative center of Ha Long City
Address: 25/4, Hong Gai Ward, Dist. Halong
Phone: 033.819960, 033.819961, 033.819962, 033.819963, 033.3822605
Fax: 033.3822605
3. The administrative center of the city of Cam Pha
Address: No. 376 Tran Phu Street, Ward Cam Trung, Dist. Cam Pha
Phone: 033.3716816, 033.3710111, 033.3860516, 033.3936567
Hotline: 033.3502900
Fax: 033.3716816
4. The administrative center of the city of Mong Cai
Address: 8, Hai Hoa Ward, Dist. Mong Cai
Phone: 033.3885468
Fax: 033.3779357
5. The administrative center of the city of Uong Bi
Address: No. 3 Tran Hung Dao Street, Ward Thanh Son, Ho. Uong Bi
Phone: 033.3567207
Fax: 033.3668188
6. The administrative center of the town of Dong Trieu
Address: 155A Nguyen Binh, District 2, P. Dong Trieu, Tx. Dong Trieu
Phone: 033.3670600, 033.3670675
Fax: 033.3670675
7. The administrative center of Quang Yen Town
Address: No. 179 Ngo Quyen Street, Ward Quang Yen, Tx. Quang Yen
Phone: 033.2460033, 033.2460055
Fax: 033.2460033
8. The administrative center of Ba Che district
Address: Zone 1, the town of Ba Che, Ba Che district
Phone: 033.3888669
9. The administrative center of Binh Lieu District
Address: 1st Floor-DPC headquarters Binh Lieu People's Council, the Equal Rights, Binh Lieu town, Binh Lieu
Phone: 033.3878887
10. The administrative center of the district Coto
Address: Zone 3, town Coto, District Co
Phone: 033.3889345
11. The administrative center of Dam Ha district
Address: Le Luong Street, Dam Ha town, Dam Ha district
Phone: 033.3880588
Fax: 033.3880988
12. The administrative center of the district of Hai Ha
Address: No. 90 Ngo Quyen Street, Quang Ha town, Hai Ha
Phone: 033.3762365
Fax: 033.3762365
13. The administrative center of Hoanh Bo District
Address: Zone 3, Troi town, Hoanh Bo district
Phone: 033.3858118
Fax: 033.3858118
14. The administrative center of Tien Yen district
Address: Pudong PhD 1, the town of Tien Yen, Tien Yen district
Phone: 033.3876919
Fax: 033.3876919
15. The administrative center of Van Don district
Address: Zone 4, Cai Rong Town, Van Don district
Phone: 033.3796668
Fax: 033.3796696



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