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Uong Bi High School: Highlight in exams
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2014-2015 school year is the first year of application of the national exams for high school graduation recently, just comment in college instead held two graduation exam and university colleges separately as before. In this exam, Uong Bi High School was 3rd achievement across the province on the graduation rate and to continue in the top 200 schools with undergraduate GPA highest exam nationwide.
To get good results on the board school administrators have focused on updated information to students, parents through patriotic exercises, classroom activities, parent conferences; Exam survey organizations; knowledge for weak students ... To do a good job on the Management Board of the Group has requested planning department study for each subject. Every week, the teachers talk to each other to agree on methods, content knowledge, time appropriate for students. In particular, due to the organizational forms which this year is completely different every year, so the school to follow the instructions to register students graduate elective exams and combination tests for college admissions, college expectations.
Talking with us, Ms. Le Thanh Huyen, Deputy Rector High School Uong Bi said: Before this change, the student is not always determine the correct direction for themselves, whereas a lot of children with scratching in need when choosing the exam, or selected according to the "crowd", according to friends. Therefore, most of the weaknesses, their strengths to orientation, training and additional knowledge is most interested schools. Since then, the school will make a plan for streaming, classification study for the students, teachers assign appropriate, avoid overlap and overload. Even as professional use, only 28 students enrolled, the school is still planning to study and arrange the best teachers. As for the conduct of an assessment, in addition to an assessment as prescribed by the Department in March, the school has organized another 2 again to help students understand their own strength so that with the direction and aspirations more closely with possibilities. In addition, all of the test piece 1 secretion, exams are recommended to apply the method and loading random island exam, which shows the quality of teaching and learning a substantive way. Based on the test results and inspection surveys, the school will have to adjust, determine appropriate teaching methods for each student.
It can be asserted that it was the determination and agility in innovative teaching methods and deep concern to students, high school students helped Uong Bi exceeds "dance disciplines" success, becoming the light on the province in the exam, "2 in 1" past.
End Exam "2 in 1", Uong Bi High School students passing rates of graduation reach 366/369 (reaching 99.19%); the percentage of students to college (in the floor of the Ministry of Education points - Training of 15 points or more) reached 203 students (reaching 55.01%); students can master complex subjects point college admissions, college or higher height from 23 to 65 students. In particular, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History points spread spectrum rate from 8 to 9.5 students with high points, from 6.52% proportion (Mathematics) to 18.67% (subject Chemistry).


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