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Uong Bi focused high schools in teaching innovation
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Uong Bi High School is the school has a long tradition of teaching and learning, a place to stick, keeping memories of generations of teachers and students are entering the age of 50 full of life with admirable achievements trench. For his achievements in recent years not to mention the merits of generations of teachers have been constantly innovating teaching methods to transfer knowledge to students.
Join a class at school uses 11B10, Uong Bi high schools see the full effect of the application of information technology in teaching. Subjects which are difficult to remember, but use the application of information technology in lessons have become more vivid. In class, students will be seated in groups. Each group will be in charge of a learning content, teachers will be the guide, just transmit knowledge and to attract suggestive comments you are involved in lessons. The picture slideshows with the timelines associated with the event makes history come to understand, easy to remember. Whereby the subject has attracted the attention and love of students.
Dinh Thi Thuy Linh children, high school students in grades 11B10 Uong Bi said: "Previously, we feel hard to remember studying history, hardly belong, especially the historical data, but when the teacher, she uses visual illustration software helped us easy to learn, easy to understand and acquire knowledge more easily. "
Currently, the high school has 30 classrooms Uong Bi, each block has 10 layers. Most of the courses have been the teacher of IT application in his homily. Many new software has also been selected teachers to use for lively lectures, thereby improving the quality of teachers duc.Voi its mission, collective teacher, the teacher in the school was always striving and gradually complete the outstanding tasks.
Teacher Nguyen Van Binh, teacher of Physics, Uong Bi High School, said: "For our teachers always nurture and cultivate professional to lectures or to create inspiration, passion learning for the students, the teaching process associated with experimental, during training we go step by step from easy to difficult, from low to high, directly in the process of teaching, teachers should choose team, training towards capacity development of students and teaching by subject as the spirit of Department, Ministry of Education and Training has been provided for ".
The school has always focused on changing teaching methods to help students learn better
The school has always focused on changing teaching methods to help students learn better.
With a tradition of almost 50 years unit construction and development, Uong Bi high schools increasingly asserted its position as one of the prestigious schools of the education sector in Quang Ninh. In 2010, the school was recognized as the national standard high schools. For several consecutive years, the school was recognized as labor collectives provincial excellence, was awarded the Certificate of Merit, Merit granted. The University also has completed the accreditation and recognition of education achieved level 3 in March 5/2015.
In the recent national examination, Uong Bi High School was ranked 3rd achievement across the province on the graduation rate and to continue in the top 200 schools with undergraduate GPA highest exam nationwide.
In the academic year 2015 - 2016, the implementation of the direction of the Department of Education and Training of Quang Ninh, Uong Bi High School continues to innovate methods of teaching and learning. The content of teaching and learning towards the positive aspects of the student. 1 schools have implemented several new models such as the advanced model schools on the teaching and learning of foreign languages ​​in schools, school smart model.
Teacher Nguyen Ngoc Hai, Uong Bi High School Principal, said: "In the future the school will prepare the best conditions for implementing the program, which targets the approved schemes were typical cases form language and intelligent field, simultaneously with which the teaching and learning activities in the classroom of the teacher, the school determined to step up the extraction and use of the equipment that the Department, Ministry of Education and Training level pages. Furthermore the school also organized for teachers, teacher self-study, self-established and built the test set is available for teachers to integrate itself into the modern equipment for laboratory teaching class lectures students, make students observe things and phenomena visually oriented teaching innovation. "
These extracurricular activities are also stepping up school
With the goal of comprehensive training people with knowledge, health, aesthetic and ethical, healthy lifestyle, good schools focus on teaching both subjects such as fitness accessories, military and defense, and vocational, organizing cultural and art movements - creating vibrant spirit of emulation in the study, the built environment is not pedagogical social evils. The number of students classified as good behavior, rather annually at over 90%; 100% of students have not violated the law commitments ATG, social evils ...
Uong Bi high schools always get the trust, affection of generations of students and parents, the trust and attention of government at all levels. Along with the trend of global integration of the country, the educational motto: "Honesty - Solidarity - Learning - Innovation", the school is taking steps to modernize infrastructure, innovative teaching methods learning, improve the efficiency of information technology applications and instructional management.


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