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10 know-how "to get high scores high Mathematics national exams in 2016
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Each year, our country has millions of students attending high schools National Examinations. However, the number of students reached the maximum point math is very little, because they often make mistakes when doing all very unfortunate. To help the children be able to overcome the limitations and flaws, MSc Ngo Thanh Son, its head Permanently High School Math - Ho Chi Minh City to share how to make math most effective.

Should not stay up late

In these days due to the psychological exam too nervous, some children continue studying for exams very stressful: wake too late, strange collectibles and more difficult exercises to solve. Actually this is not recommended because only makes them lose health, time and confidence.
They should review gently by reviewing the exercises and formulas learned in years. When trying to enter the examination room, the children get a good health, a psychological comfort to be able to take the test as their normal school health. Most students are doing all the examination room less than normal.
Note set conditions for the problem means
Recommended to read carefully before starting homework, absolutely avoid misinterpretation problems. Take the following principles: easy to select the previous sentence, the following sentence is difficult work. They do not get off, should make the transformation carefully and slowly, even on the test if the problem has been solved right direction. They should note the conditions set for the problem that, after the finish to check the results, try again to test whether there is satisfactory or not the problem.
Should do all right on the exam paper, scratch paper only to try and find out the solution method as yet unsure how the results that have come or not. While doing all, they have to focus the entire mind on his work, not to think of pass or fail, the high point or the low point for any thoughts (untimely) always wastes energy and distributed toothpick.
For math, according to the structure of the exam given in the national high school exams in 2015, suggested that they should note the following:
Question 1: The survey and graphing functions, the best you note the derivative work properly. Because if miscalculated the maximum points you can achieve to this question is only 0.25d. Normally the graph is mainly based on the features, independent of the derivative and tables so you can use variable posture (covariates, inverse) of the graph was drawn to check the sign of the derivative and variable table matches the graph or not? Plotter should moderate, not too large (it will be difficult drawing).
Do not be graphed with pencil, otherwise the test will be marked in the collective board of examiners. This is also the general provisions with the sentence contains drawings, unless drawing by compass.
Question 2: This is a question to find the maximum value and minimum of a function on an interval [a; b]; or a sub-questions of the survey function (including the payment form: the monotony of function, maxima and minima, the fellowship of graphs and line functions, tangents, find points satisfactory condition given). With all types find the maximum value, minimum value of a function on a paragraph, it should pay attention to the function must be defined and continuous on the segment. If the problem is not the interval [a; b], then we have to determine [a; b] by seeking a certain range, can also find [a; b] if we change variables to meet trigonometric functions (for example when placing or t = t = sinx cosx, then t in the interval [-1, 1]).
Question 3: Recommended usually a 2 Warnings forms of complex numbers and math equations / no equation hat - logarithm. This is a relatively easy question for university exams in recent years. About complex numbers they just need to know the basic formula, the operation is simple calculations can be done. Need to know how to use handheld computers to be able to check their work.
In the equation, or any equation hat - logarithm, we just need to master the basic form of payment: the logarithm method 2 sides, put on the same basis, the sub is placed offline can fully solve this question. They can bypass these methods rely on the monotony of a function also of problems in the body contains x as inconsistent with the spirit of the current exam. Must remember to set the conditions for the logarithmic expression, as well as conditions when using the method set unknowns side.
Question 4: With all calculus, they should pay attention to partial integration method and variable methods. This question is easy and can apply knowledge to solve problems in real life so they need to understand the application of the integral to calculate area and volume.
Trigonometric constant deformation portion (x = asint, x = atant ...) can be omitted because the current sentence for the integral object is the average student can also get a full point.
Question 5: Is a problem of analytical geometry in space with the coordinate system Oxyz. This question is an easy question, if it is known to apply theory and appropriately, they can be solved easily. Need training in how to calculate the operation coordinate system using a computer to Oxyz can easily check the results.
Students should choose to buy portable computers can solve the equation system with 4 most 4 hidden, this will save a lot of time looking for problems in the sphere equation.
Question 6: In order to better address the problem of trigonometric equations, besides belonging clever formulas, know how to change and apply the formula, you need to think about the two methods are mainly: To place overall death and placed hidden side.
Also need to pay extra attention to mathematically find the value of trigonometric expressions appeared in examination questions illustrate, the official exam of the Ministry of Education in 2015 as well as in the test exam schools nationwide .
As for the combination of the children have mastered counting rules, permutations, combinations and conformable, said Newton binomial expansion at a basic level. Part probability mainly focus on classical probability formula (ie calculation of the number of elements of the sample space and events), but it should be clear to the sample space and event name.
Question 7: With Geometry space problems if not solved by purely geometrical methods then you should try to put the coordinate system to turn into analytical problems in space picture. Often the question of distance and volume. Usually this is a relatively easy question, but it is the knowledge that the majority of students are afraid, for failing to grasp the basic knowledge learned in class 11.
Question 8: Is a problem in analytic geometry in the plane with coordinates Oxy. They should revise the geometrical knowledge of grades 9 and 10 to be able to recognize the geometric nature of the problem. This is a difficult question because it requires students to remember and know how to use knowledge of the lower grades.
To be able to recognize the nature of this geometry, the drawing correctly based on the facts of the assignment is critical. However, students must always remember that, in this question "factor analysis" is still seen in, so do not over-indulging in the exercises too heavily placed on a flat geometric properties.
Question 9: A question about solving equations, systems of equations or any equation containing radical. Often this is a difficult second sentence (after verse 10). The solution method as set hide important parts, conjugate, inequality used to evaluate should be closely combined with each other to solve. They must know how to effectively use handheld computers to calculate the volume reduction, and support yourself during factorization, as well as experimental predictions.
A large number of problems can be quite effective solutions with the help of handheld computers. Students also need further study of the problem causing difficulties for the computer, which is the problem of inequality used to evaluate the expression. Must master the hard way and the train more advanced lessons learned during the process can solve this question in a short time.
Verse 10: This is the most difficult to classify the candidate, usually the inequality question or find the maximum value or minimum value. To do this requires the candidate must be able to think independently, have actively creative minds, able to apply general knowledge on solving a problem, do not follow the pattern.
The method is widely used in the exam of the Ministry of Education during recent years is putting the problem of 3 variables x, y, z on the problem first and then examine variables that a variable function to go to the comment. Often we'll put on a variable asymmetric roles. During the process of evaluating the problem, we must ensure the "=" happens.
If they are not really confident to win, would be missed, will be back after this message has solved another problem and no time. To pass university, no need to point 10, take the time to care little remaining 9 points.
With the policy of the Ministry of Education is the main problem lies in the 12th grade program, as well as percentage points for the basic level of about 60%, the question from question 1 to question 6 will have difficulty no difference the national high school exam in 2015.
For the 8-9 too easily as in 2015 led to the only classification was fairly average student and gifted students, but can not quite classify students. So verses 7-8 - 9 will be gradually raise the difficulty level, at least equal to the level of university exam in the last year.
Finally, for the contestants, all the details of the above are important topics, but most importantly, that they have to equip themselves with adequate knowledge and the calm, self-confident while doing test. I wish I had a lucky season and success.
MSc Ngo Thanh Son
(Group leaders Permanently High School Math - Ho Chi Minh City)


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