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Many changes to reduce pressure college entrance
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Strangle the community priorities, leaving the standard mark, leaving 3 days announced temporary admission score, contestants submit registration dossiers only admission by mail or the Internet ... is a new point in the draft university enrollment regulations and colleges in 2016.
Ministry of Education and Training has released a draft circular on amending and supplementing some articles of the Regulation on university entrance, regular college, 2016. Accordingly, the school held separate entrance admission can match candidates attended national high school exam test results meet the quality assurance criteria input by the Ministry of Education regulations. In the case of simultaneous use of multiple modes of admission to an industry or group of industries, universities and publicly identify targets for each admissions method.

Avoid transiting to earn points
Under the new rules, applicants continuing education and high school graduation in the area enjoy priority areas. If there are high school for 3 years, the duration of the transfer in areas longer be entitled to priority areas. If each school year a school in the area with different priority levels or half-time at this school, half the time the other school graduation in public areas, enjoy priority areas. This provision applies to all candidates, including those who have graduated from the prior year entrance exam.
To avoid moving residence, place of study to earn points priorities, Ministry regulations Vietnam citizens are ethnic minorities must have a permanent residence (during high school) in the region over 18 months 1, the subject of the priority groups 01 1.
Students have a permanent residence (during high school) over 18 months in the social sector and the communes 3 particularly difficult villages of ethnic and mountainous areas; especially difficult communes stricken coastal and island; communes with special difficulties, border communes, communes safe area to be covered by the program at the high school 135 if the location of districts and towns have at least one of the communes in the above categories, the priority group 2.
Skip the standard mark, leaving 3 days announced temporary admission score
According to the draft, the school uses a combination of new tests in addition to the traditional block competition for admission to an industry need to spend at least 50% of that industry norms for admission under examination subject combinations corresponding to the blocks traditional.
The Ministry of Education will determine the level of quality assurance input to the school construction plan selection. For colleges, the threshold quality assurance input is high school graduation. If this is implemented will reduce the pressure for colleges, because of last year's enrollment season input thresholds of 12 colleges, universities lost 2 points and difficult to recruit.
The organization recruited the registered candidates for using the results of the national high school exams, admission is the total point score exams for each combination and rounded to 0.25. Pursuant threshold input quality assurance regulations set by the Ministry of Education, the school announced provisions admission into the school sector and organization of the admission schedule.
Schools are responsible for updating the registration data on admissions data management system national enrollment, but not 3 days once published on the website of the electronic registration of lists of candidates for admission ranked according to test results from high to low. Only at the end of each round of admissions, the university announced on the pages of the electronic information and mass media, the successful candidates, the list of successful candidates and report to the Ministry.
No receipt directly recruited at the university
According to the draft, contestants submit registration form and the fee for admission to the school by mail in the form of a courier or register online. In phase 1, instead of candidates are submitted to a school only for 4 sectors and be entitled to withdraw the possibility of a record when winning is not high, but now registered maximum admissions at 2 schools, each school no more than 2 branches and not change the aspirations in the field, the sector registered during admission.
Registration Admission additional episodes, contestants registered maximum admissions in 3 cases, each no more than 2 branches and not changing aspirations in the field, the sector has registered in each of the selection phase.
Candidates submit the original Certificate examination results (signed by the chairman of the competition and the red seal exam chair clusters) for schools who wish to learn as prescribed by the school.
Admission subscription period starts on 1/8 to end on 20/10 for the university system and to end on 15/11 for college. The candidate is responsible for the veracity of the information in the registration dossiers and dossiers admissions exam registration. The school has the right to refuse admission or dismissal from school if the candidate does not satisfy the conditions for admission to collate information in registration records and admission exam registration dossier to the original dossier.
The people involved in monitoring exams
For the plan to use results-based admissions academic high school, the average score of each subject in the combination of subjects for admission or GPA of subjects recruited for not less than 6 for the university (on a scale of 10).
In case of using learning outcomes in high school for admission, priority points are added to the candidate after admission threshold input quality assurance.
All people, including students and the participants of the enrollment, if detecting violations of enrollment regulations should provide information to receiving timely treatment prescribed by legislation denounce. Who provide information and evidence of violations regulations on enrollment must be responsible before the law for the authenticity of the information and evidence provided, do not take advantage of it to cause a negative impact enrollment work.



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